Instruction Coach Resources


Wendy Simmons, Instruction Coach EES and PES


Jill Mohr, Instruction Coach PES & MRE


We hope to provide support and guidance to our colleagues in order to effectively teach ALL students to read- which may include… 

Professional Development 

  • Facilitate study groups, coach and mentor K-6 classroom teachers and give support to classroom instruction. 
  • Offer ongoing coaching and professional development to teachers. 
  • Provide feedback to staff about professional development opportunities and other pertinent information. 


  • Assisting with screening, diagnosing and monitoring student progress, as well as helping to determine appropriate intervention strategies. 
  • Help to administer primary reading assessments and other diagnostic tools for tracking student progress and needs. 
  • Assisting teachers to analyze and use assessment results to improve instruction. 


  • Helping teachers customize intervention programs for students. Work with teachers to improve reading instruction by modeling lessons and selecting strategies for at risk students. 
  • Assist teachers working with small groups of students that need in-depth intervention. 

Our personal goals:


1. To improve students' reading skills and competence
2. To solve referred problems
3. To learn from each other
4. To prevent future problems